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Value Creation

Building for
the next
100 years
At Shopify, value creation is measured not just by growth of dollars and cents, but also by the growth of small businesses, computing literacy and personal development. 

We are building for the long term.

At Shopify, our first love is for the entrepreneur – those who are creating and growing their businesses – and every decision we make is influenced by how we can spread entrepreneurship and make commerce better for everyone!

Our Merchants

Entrepreneurs are good for the world. They follow their passions, solve problems, create jobs, innovate and serve as powerful agents of change in the world.

  • We encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue their passions through our Build a Business Competition. Now in its 6th year, this is the largest competition of its kind in the world, and has inspired tens of thousands of people to start a business.
    • In 2016, entrepreneurs from 4,533 cities around the world participated with 45% of them sharing that they have never sold a product before.
    • GMV per contestant this year was 145% (1.5X) higher than GMV per contestant last year
    • Orders per contestant in 2016 was 176% (1.8X) higher than Orders per contestant last year
  • We’ve built a strong community of entrepreneurs which we continue to support through our blog, social channels, events and more.
    • Shopify Blog
      • Over 233,000 email subscribers who regularly access free online resources created from data built over a decade of experience in ecommerce.
      • Over 16 M visits to the blog in 2016
    • Podcasts
      • Shopify Masters:
        • 70k monthly downloads / listens
      • TGIM:
        • 41k monthly downloads / listens on full episodes
        • 190k monthly downloads / listens to TGIM shorts (92% Stitcher)
    • Social Media Engagement
      • Providing free tools and tips, sharing inspirational merchant stories and building an online community of entrepreneurs.
        • Facebook - 1.6 M friends
        • Twitter - 206.5 K followers
        • IG - 90.4 K followers
        • Youtube 62 K subscribers
    • Sponsorships
      • Supporting merchant focused events and conferences, locally and internationally.
        • ComplexCon 2016: Powering over 50% of the conference by supporting our merchants with POS and sharing their inspiring stories of entrepreneurship through Shopify facebook live on site.
        • IRCE: Shoptalk
    • Events
      • Retail Tour
        • Shopify staff and experts hosting workshops and 1-on-1 appointments
        • Has hit 6 cities to date attracting over 15,000 attendees
        • 5,000 emails collected and 3,000 leads.
        • 3 more cities in the UK this year
      • OPEN
        • Event series inspiring influencers and industry leaders to people with limitless potential
        • Toronto x2 and Portland attracting 1300 attendees
        • Upcoming NYC and LA

We are building a space at Shopify where people want to make commerce better for everyone, but even more, people have the opportunity to do their life’s work. We value personal growth and provide a wide-range of resources for Shopifolk to better themselves, our product, and continue to build the organization.

Personal Growth

  • Our Talent Development team provides coaching opportunities to employees with the goal of providing the right support, at the right time, in the right way.
    • We have over 10 employees on the Talent Development team spread across our offices and remotely. They help people navigate the chaos that is Shopify and why we are here, through developing onboarding for new employees.
    • The team has provided over 360 coaching sessions in 2016 for everyone, including engineers and support gurus.
    • Of the surveyed participants, 93% said that they left their session ready to action their issue.

  • We value life-long learners and curious people, so we encourage employees to own their personal development and provide them the support to do so.
    • We allocate budget for employees to pursue the conferences, courses or other learning channels that will provide the biggest growth opportunities for them.
  • We regularly host Hack Days to give Shopifolk more opportunities to try new things and work differently.
    • We need all the ideas. The big, small, and differently shaped ones. Ideas can come from new recruits to old timers, in every area of the company.
    • Most companies focus solely on R&D projects for Hack Days, but we include everyone — there’s always something that can be hacked to make us better.
    • In the last 12 months, Shopifolk tested new ideas on 478 Hack Days projects, which resulted in the following features being shipped:
      • Gift Cards
      • Entrepreneur’s Digest
      • Apple Watch app
      • UberRUSH shipping for 2015 holiday season
      • Sidekicks
      • Frenzy
      • and more...
  • Our development library consists of books that are curated by our executives. It gives people access to resources in print, e-book and audiobook formats.
    • It’s not quite a library, actually. If you really like the book...you can just keep it.
    • Approximately 2,000 executive-curated books plucked off the shelves by Shopifolk in the first nine months of 2016


As we scale to become a 100yr + company, operating in a very competitive talent environment, we literally can not afford to miss out on any pockets of top talent. This matters not just in terms of the quantity of talent we need, but also the impact diversity of thought is proven to have on innovation. In short, more diverse teams have better outputs. We risk losing out if we don’t do a better job of creating an inclusive environment so we can better attract, hire and develop top talent from all backgrounds.

Our inclusion strategy will take a more holistic approach by:
1) focussing on inclusion vs. diversity and
2) looking at diversity of thought or 2D diversity allowing us to maximize on the benefits of a diverse employee base beyond the traditional dimensions of gender, ethnicity, people with disabilities and indigenous peoples.

At no point are we looking to hire lower quality candidates but rather ensure we have created equal opportunity for all top talent, allowing us to capitalize on the innovation that comes from diversity of thought.

  • We design our office spaces to support everyone, including areas that are open-concept as well as some closed and quiet spaces, gender-neutral washrooms, private rooms for breastfeeding/pumping or prayer, and wheelchair accessible spaces as well.
  • We created Canada’s first joint Bachelor of Computer Science program with Carleton University + Shopify to provide an alternative experience for students to build computing literacy. We are proud to share that this joint program has approximately 50% women currently enrolled.
  • Family is important to us.
    • We offer paid parental leave for folks who have just welcomed a new baby into their family.
    • We provide a daycare subsidy as well as guaranteed daycare spaces in Shopify partner daycares.
    • We have flexible work hours, including the option to work at home when you need.
    • House cleaning, family health and dental benefits, and negotiated gym membership rates, are all part of our benefits package for Shopifolk.
    • We have several family-friendly company events where partners and children are encouraged to attend.
  • Shopify has an internal inclusion department that partners with different people across the organization to ensure that we are always working towards reducing the risk of barriers and bias for top talent from diverse backgrounds.
  • All recruiters and people-managers who are hiring for the first time take part in unconscious bias training.
  • There are many existing employee communities for parents (#parenting, #rad-dad-club, #momlife, #dadjokes), people with disabilities, LGBT+, women, and people of colour and you can absolutely create a new community at Shopify as well.
  • We accommodate all dietary choices in our catered lunches - we want you to be well-fed with the food that makes you feel good.
  • We review compensation semi-annually and test it internally to ensure equity and if necessary, potentially correct for any market inequities.
  • We sponsor a wide-range of community events, and have created our own conference, Beyond the Code, which is focused on inclusion in the tech industry. Other regular partnerships include Ladies Learning Code, RailsGirlsTO, local Pride celebrations, and more.
“There is tremendous upside for Canada in making computing literacy part of the core curriculum. Whoever figures this out how to teach computing literacy first will have by far the most prepared workforce for the world and it's hard to overestimate the potential of that.” Tobi Lütke

Canada’s digital economy currently employs 877,470 ICT professionals spread throughout all sectors the economy. The growth in digital jobs has outpaced the overall economy in the last two years by over 4 to 1, leading to a strong demand of 182,000 skilled ICT workers by 2019. (ICTC)

Shopify is helping people build their computing literacy by lending its resources to a number of programs:

  • We partnered with Carleton University to introduce a new model of work-integrated learning for the Bachelor of Computer Science.
    • Students will learn some course concepts at Shopify by joining teams and contributing to projects, with the freedom to take as much or as little time as needed for deep understanding of concepts, in addition to taking theoretical courses and electives at Carleton.
    • The model is unique in that students receive the support and rigour of a university degree as well as long-term, continuous experience with at-scale software development alongside industry-leading developers. Students obtain a Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS) degree, and Shopify provides a salary in addition to covering tuition, helping to relieve graduates from their debt burden.
    • This is the first time in Canada that the tech industry and a university has come together to provide this type of curriculum-aligned work-integrated learning...a true game changer!
  • A large number of Shopify employees are committed to teaching, mentoring and training others in computing literacy globally.
    • We’ve partnered with the Ottawa Network for Education (ONFE) to mentor high school students as they develop apps through the 2016 year
    • Many of our employees share their knowledge around the world by teaching at various universities, Brainstation, HackerYou, Bitmaker, NodeSchool, Ladies Learning Code and more.
    • More information can be found at www.shopify.ca/education
  • Shopify was the presenting sponsor for Ladies Learning Code, National Learn to Code Day.
    • On September 24, 2016, 1,500+ adult learners attended simultaneous in-person workshops in 29 cities across the country.
    • The event empowered Canadians (in particular women) to create a game, interactive story or quiz centred on a cause, community or message they care about while learning critical coding skills along the way.